Cleaning Guide

1. Please clean the doll after use according to the following instructions.

2. Depending on whether your sex doll has a movable vagina, the cleaning process may be quick or time-consuming.

3.Cleaning your new girlfriend is the most effective maintenance technique. After using the doll, remove the vagina and clean separately, while wiping the rest of the sex doll with a clean cloth.

4. Remove the wig and clean it separately. In addition, please remember to avoid those cleaning agents that may irritate the skin or damage the material of the sex doll. Make sure it is completely dry after cleaning.

5. If you don’t want to re-apply makeup to the doll, please do not wipe or clean her face directly, try to avoid cleaning the eyebrows, eye shadow and eyeliner, lipstick and blush.

Cleaning the vagina, anus and mouth
TPE is a relatively porous material, which means that bacteria can begin to grow if the doll is not cleaned properly. Therefore, you must clean the doll after each use to avoid taking any risks.
To clean the inside of a sex doll, you can for example use a so-called douche. It's like a small pump that you fill with water, insert into the base and then rinse off with water.

● Fill the pump/shower with water and antibacterial soap and rinse well.
Then use only water until all the soap is gone.
●Make sure it dries properly (you can even use tampons)
● Baby powder/talcum powder can also be used internally

●Don’t wash or rinse directly under water or in the bath or pool.
●For sex dolls without a movable vagina, just wipe them with a clean towel.

When cleaning the mouth, the head must be removed beforehand, please note never use a hair dryer to dry your sex doll!