Shipping Policy


The doll will be packed in a tight, sturdy, moisture-proof carton, and there will be no information indicating that it is a doll. Please note that customs agents may open your doll box for inspection and determine the import tax for overseas customers.


In some countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, some European and South America import taxes might be required at delivery. We have nothing to do with this, it is required by some countries and it usually ranges from $120 to $200 and up, depending on the doll. Buyer is responsible for import taxes and fees.

For some countries, especially in Europe, we offer a service to pre-pay VAT and import taxes, so you don't need to deal with customs, ask our team after placing your order if interested. Otherwise, we can help and advise on customs. Countries like Canada, Germany, UK, Japan or Australia usually require the submission of a proof of payment or invoice. You can provide the confirmation email, or Paypal invoice or reach out to us and we will help you with that.

We can ship to a FedEx store or DHL for you to pick it up, instead of shipping to your place. Just let us know after placing your order and we will change the shipping address.

We are not allowed to ship to Islamic countries, Indonesia, and Africa. Please contact us to learn more about shipping to your country if you live in other countries.


If you pick a custom-made doll, production time is around 3-4 weeks and it usually takes 1-2 week in shipping transit. (actual time may vary depending on delivery location).  As this is a custom product created just for you, once production of your custom doll has begun your order may not be cancelled for any reason. 

Due to holidays, festivities or unavoidable circumstances, delays may occur during the manufacturing or shipment of the product.

Shipment is discreet and signature is required for delivery to ensure it is received by the right person.

We will send you the tracking number and please feel free to follow up with us

We Respect Your Privacy

Your privacy is our main goal. All packages are delivered in discreet packaging; additionally, customer details are sealed within our privacy policy. 

There is no specific indication or labeling on the box that reveals the contents inside.

Your doll will be labeled “mannequin” (for customs clearance).

Billing statement on your credit card will show a charge from "RD4U".

Be aware, that Customs Agents may open your doll box for inspection and to determine import taxes for customers outside the USA.

If you do not want to receive the order at your home, we can always send it to a FedEx store (US orders) or DHL store (rest of the world) and you can pick it up there at your convenience. Photo ID and signature are required for delivery.

Review our Privacy Policy

Pickup Available Service

We support that buyers pickup the package at FedEx (UPS) locations. However, to product both buyer and seller, you may need to accept the following terms.

Follow the tracking status.
As there are many orders we need to deal with every day, we cannot manually send arrival notifications for each customer. But UPS or FedEx will send you a notification automatically when the package arrives. You should be aware of the shipment status and contact FedEx/UPS station to arrange pickup.

Leave a note on the shopping cart page.
Please leave us a note when you order from us or just send us an email if you need pickup service, we will make a note for you. Please offer us your local FedEx/UPS station address on your note or email it to us, we will take care of the rest.

Pick it up within 3 days.
We suggest that customers pick up their package at FedEx/UPS station within 3 days of arrvial. If the package is retruned because it was not picked up in time, you will need to pay the shipping and return shipping fees and a 20% handling fee. Hope you can understand, thank you.


For packages sent to North America, UK and EU countries, we usually include customs duties in the postage. So for most cases, you don't need to pay customs duties.

For packages sent to Mexico, Canada or other European countries outside the EU, customers generally need to cooperate with customs clearance and pay taxes independently. Usually, we will try our best to help our customers reduce their customs duties.


For customized dolls, it normally takes 4-6 weeks from the date of order for your doll to be manufactured and shipped. For dolls in stock, shipping normally takes 2-6 business days. There may be exceptions.

Before sending the parcel, you can contact us to take the factory pictures if you need. We will ship the product after the user confirms approval. A parcel tracking number will be provided within 2-3 working days of approval being received. Clothes in the pictures are not included in the packages.

Our goal is to ship all products as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your new doll. However, please note that even if your dolls is pre-configured, it will take some time to complete your order.


Your parcel will be shipped by DHL, FedEx, or UPS. After shipment, we will send you a tracking number via email. For this reason, you must provide us with your correct contact information.





We suggest you inspect each item if your parcel arrives with any damage. Even if the carton looks good from the outside, it is recommended that you open each unit to inspect it. Take photos or videos as proof if needed. This should be done in front of the deliveryman, because once the deliveryman leaves, it is too late.

If the bill of lading or driver does not allow you to open the parcel for inspection before signing, you must carefully inspect the carton and pay attention to any damage, regardless of size. If you see any holes or damage to the carton, you must put the damaged parcel aside unopened for the carrier's inspector to inspect and ask the delivery person for the local phone number you can contact.

If you discover any damage in the future, you are solely responsible for filing a claim. In this case, you must immediately contact the freight terminal for further instructions, or call the shipping company’s customer service center for help.