Interested in love dolls? Amazing, welcome! They’ve never been more lifelike or popular. Dolls are loved as a companion by some and seen solely as a sex toy by others. In some countries, they are hailed as an important step to mitigating gender imbalances and graying populations. They represent a beautiful mix of hyper-modern manufacturing precision and human yearning. But doll ownership is not a trivial or cheap undertaking — without knowing how to choose and care for a doll, a new owner puts themselves at risk of damage and scams. Where do you begin? What are the things you should look for? Today, there are male and female dolls of every variety on the market, and they are becoming increasingly intelligent and customizable. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you’d ever need to know.

What is a Sex Doll? - A Short History of Sex Dolls

What is a Sex Doll?

Sex dolls, also known as love dolls, have come a long way over the past few decades. The definition of a sex doll is actually quite broad: basically, any doll that can provide sensual pleasure. Additionally, many keep love dolls for their companionship.

Modern, high-quality sex dolls are now very sophisticated well-engineered. They closely resemble a real person in shape, size, and appearance — plus, in recent years, intelligence.

A Short History of Sex Dolls

The origin of sex dolls dates back to the 17th century. During that period, French, Spanish, and Dutch sailors started designing them throughout the course of long overseas voyages. As legend goes, having an actual woman on a ship was thought to bring bad luck — so the sailors started making dolls out of old clothes.

It is believed that Dutch sailors introduced the concept of love dolls to the Japanese, which is why they are still sometimes referred to as “Dutch wives” in Japan. However, it wasn’t until late 20th century that sex dolls started to become more sophisticated.

The development of the modern sex doll started in the 1970s, when silicone, vinyl, and latex became widely available. Silicone in particular made it possible to design dolls to a degree previously unimaginable. To this day, it remains one of the most popular materials for manufacturing sex dolls.

Why Do We Need A Sex Doll?

A sex doll is a highly authentic sex toy, and its main function is for sex. In the past, inflatable dolls have been mentioned in many movies and reports. With the revolution of technology, the current realistic dolls (usually made of silicone or TPE) came into being. They are even more beautiful than real people, with long legs, small waist, big boobs, and a small face. Like many male dream lovers, sexy, glamorous, pure and healing. As long as there is a need, they can become your lover, wife or whatever you want.

Most people think that sex doll users are otaku, who usually don’t interact with women and don’t have wives in their middle years. In fact, 30%-40% of our users are married. The childless couple would buy a doll to raise as their daughter. Or the elderly who are widowed will find spiritual sustenance through the doll.

How Do Sex Dolls Work?

A New Partnership

Loneliness, isolation, emotional vulnerability, and lack of sexual confidence can prevent some men from developing intimate relationships with humans. For some sex doll lovers, therefore, companionship is the main reason why they choose to buy luxury love dolls. When a sex doll accompanies you, you don’t need to feel any psychological burden, either by choice or by necessity. A beautiful doll cannot judge or reject you. It is not uncommon for doll owners seeking to satisfy their need for companionship to end up owning several different dolls. Multiple ownership allows you to interact with dolls of different genders, just as you can date different women or men at will.

Sex with Sex Dolls

Sexual pleasure is still the most common reason for buying a sex doll. With modern high-end silicone dolls, sex can feel close to actual intercourse — in fact, many people even prefer a doll partner. Every year, manufacturers develop new realistic properties, ranging from build and texture improvements to features like internal heating.

A sex doll can be a healthy outlet for sexual needs. This is especially true for those with a strong sex drive; a doll is always ready, always on-demand.

Having a love doll is not always predicated by being single. Many owners are already in serious relationships, as a sex doll is a great option for times when your partner doesn’t share your sexual inclinations (just like any other sex toy).

Love Doll Fantasies and Agalmatophilia

For many people, sex dolls provide a way to realizing their sexual fantasies. Some manufacturers offer the option of a customized face for your doll, so it can resemble anyone – your favorite movie star or any other person.

Anime sex dolls have also become very popular, especially in Japan. Manufacturers of sex dolls are always striving to create increasingly realistic experiences, which is why “virgin” sex dolls were made. These dolls are made with a membrane that resembles a hymen. This results in a very realistic experience of having sex with a virgin, allowing for the fulfillment of a very popular sexual fantasy.

Lastly, others fetishize over sensual relations with a doll or humanoid statue, and do not always want their doll to be hyper-realistic. The technical name for this is is “agalmatophilia,” literally meaning “statue love.”

Love Doll Art and Photography

The form of a naked woman has always been the ideal of beauty and one of the most common motives in art. There are innumerable paintings and sculptures of the naked female body made by famous artists, so it’s no wonder sex dolls have attracted the attention of modern artists. Many sex dolls are so carefully crafted that they are considered works of art themselves.

Several manufacturers make highly realistic love dolls, so it’s not a surprise that using them as models for photography is becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays, they are occasionally used in fashion photography.

How Does it Feel to Have Sex with A Sex Doll?

It’s not surprising that sex dolls are becoming more and more popular in recent years because they are the best sex toys out there. In reality, it wasn’t hard for a lonely 15th-century sailor to have sex with a straw-filled, cloth-covered rag doll. Sex is a great way to enjoy a real-life fantasy without ever leaving your home. It’s never been easier to find products that will enhance your intimate sex life with today’s high-tech advancements in the world.

When you have sex with a beautiful lifelike sex doll made of high-quality, feminine soft silicone or TPE, her pleasure is just as real. When you’re truly immersed in it, you’ll enjoy the physical and emotional release that sex with a real woman usually provides. The same applies whether you’re male or female and whether you’re using a boy or a girl. The only thing missing is your emotional connection in a real sex experience.

Your needs will only be truly fulfilled when you explore the sexuality of dolls that look lifelike and feel real. To further enhance the real-life experience, some custom sex dolls can be customized with realistic tattoos and/or bikini lines, breathable ribcage, sensory touch, moaning and heat recognition, and possibly extragenital structures such as the hymen, all a potential enhancement.

Elements of Buying A Sex Doll


A high-quality luxury sex doll costs around $999-$3,000. You can comprehensively consider your own needs from the doll material (silicon or TPE) and doll brand, so as to choose a love doll at a reasonable and affordable price. 


While some beautiful sex dolls are advertised as petite, moving or lifting a sex doll can present you with considerable physical challenges and may even cause irreversible damage to you such as spinal damage due to the size of the doll. For first-time buyers, 30-35kg is the ideal weight for your sex doll. Some brands currently offer weight reduction options, see individual brand customization options for details.

Storage Space

A real doll often takes up a person-sized amount of space. If you are a truck driver, you may want to consider purchasing a detachable doll so that you can easily take it with you. If you need to keep the doll out of sight at all times, then you will need a larger space or even a room to store the doll.

Excellent Manufacturers and Agents

A good manufacturer can provide you with a high-quality sex doll, reduce your after-sales worries, and increase the lifespan of the doll. A good vendor, on the other hand, will go out of their way to answer all your questions about your purchase and relieve you of all your doubts about an expensive purchase before and afterward. RealDolls4U.com is the perfect vendor for you.

TPE Sex Doll vs Silicone Sex Doll - What's the Difference?

When buying a sex doll, the material determines 90% of the feel and sensation. Because of this, it is important to fully consider which material to choose, TPE or silicone. In order to determine which material to choose, let’s start by understanding both materials.

What is a TPE Sex Doll?

TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer, also known as thermoplastic rubber. It is made from a mixture of polymers. In the case of sex dolls, plastic, and rubber. This combination of polymers produces a material consisting of thermoplastic (plastic) and elastomeric (rubber) properties. In addition, it can be stretched up to 5.5 times its length. These properties contribute to its softness and suppleness. For this reason, TPE is also a fairly popular material for use in everyday objects, as it can be used to create items with rubber-like properties, but can still take advantage of the efficiency of current injection molding techniques, as it can conform to irregular shapes when heated. This makes shaping and remolding sex dolls more economical.

Pros & Cons of TPE Sex Dolls


1. More Affordable
When making TPE sex dolls, two components are mixed, a thermoplastic and an elastomer. Since these materials respond well to injection molding, mass production is efficient and maximized. Because of these efficiencies, the cost reduction makes the doll cheaper. A TPE sex doll can cost anywhere from $800 to $3,000.

2. Softer
Because TPE is a blend of thermoplastics and elastomers, the properties of these materials can be altered to create the desired texture. The manufacturer has created a soft and stretchy blend that provides a very realistic touch. Therefore, it is softer compared to silicone.

3. Thermal Stability
Thanks to cutting-edge technology, some modern sex dolls are equipped with heated sensors that replicate actual human skin temperature.

4. Flexibility for Each Free Ssex Position
Given the unique properties of TPE, the breasts and hips will naturally wiggle and move as the doll moves back and forth. In terms of the degree of sex position, the TPE is more elastic, making the doll more flexible. This contributes to a wider range of sexual positions that the doll can handle.

5. Absolutely Safe
The TPE material is safe for everyone because it does not contain harmful chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. Feel free to kiss your sex doll and hug her.


1. More Sensitive to Stains
TPE is a porous material. Because of this, stains on clothes seep into the pores, making it susceptible to stains on clothes. We recommend soaking in water before trying new clothes on the doll. When trying on clothes for the doll, put on tight-fitting clothes for the doll, so as not to affect the dressing effect of the doll. If staining occurs, a stain remover can be purchased.

2. Frequent Maintenance
Another disadvantage of porosity is its ability to hold moisture in the form of moisture. This makes the doll prone to mold and very unhygienic. And the surface of the doll’s body will seep oil. To avoid this, the doll must be thoroughly dried after cleaning, after which talcum powder can be used.

3. More Sensitive to Heat
Since the TPE part is made of thermoplastic, the same properties of easy injection make it susceptible to heat. In the worst case, TPE will begin to lose its consistency or melt when it reaches 104ºF (40ºC). Therefore, we recommend not to heat the doll for a long time, nor to use the heating blanket continuously at high temperatures. Just stay away from the fire with your doll!

What is a Silicone Sex Doll?

Unlike TPE, silicone is not a mixture of thermoplastic and elastomer. It is classified as a thermosetting material. Unlike TPE, its shape and quality are fixed once it has been cured. It is heat resistant and rubber-like. Given these qualities, it is used in a wide range of applications to maximize its qualities. Examples of such uses are lubricants, pharmaceuticals, glues, cookware, etc. A major advantage of silicone is that it is pressure-resistant, which means that it retains its shape even under extreme pressure. In addition, it is very heat resistant, making it able to withstand boiling and sterilization. It is highly inert, as it does not react with most chemicals, which makes it medically safe for use as an implant.

Pros and Cons of Silicone Sex Dolls


1. Hyper-realistic Appearance
Silicone sex dolls have a better real look compared to TPE dolls due to the sturdiness of the silicone material.

2. Easy to Clean
Due to their non-porous nature, silicone sex dolls are much easier to clean and disinfect than TPE sex dolls. They can be disinfected without the fear of liquids leaking into the skin and causing damage.

3. Insensitive to Heat
Given that it is a thermosetting material, its initial curing phase is not dependent on cooling. It is catalyst-based, which makes it significantly less sensitive to heat-induced deformation when subjected to heat. You can even enjoy a warm bath with her.

4. Non-Staining
Unlike TPE, silicone is non-porous and therefore resistant to clothing stains. Silicone love dolls are also much easier to clean.

5. Low Maintenance
Silicone dolls retain their shape better and require less maintenance because of their stain-resistant value and non-compressible skin properties. However, you will need to clean their anus and vagina after use.


1. More Expensive
Generally, silicone sex dolls cost more than TPE dolls. Therefore silicone dolls are also sold at a more expensive price.

2. Less Flexible
Compared to TPE dolls, silicone sex dolls are less flexible. The not-so-soft TPE wraps around the skeleton and you may have difficulty moving their arms and legs freely, making them more rigid to use.

3. Low Flexibility
Silicone sex dolls are less flexible than TPE sex dolls. The hips and breasts do not jiggle when the doll is rocked back and forth. Therefore, the sexual experience of silicone dolls is not much better than TPE.

TPE Sex Doll VS Silicone Sex Doll - Which is Better for You?

Ask yourself questions like how much are you willing to spend. If your budget is low, you’d better choose a TPE sex doll. If your budget is higher than $2000, you can consider buying a Silicone sex doll. Figure out what your personal preferences are. If you prefer a more lifelike face, or prefer a hot bath with a sex doll, then the Silicone doll is your best choice. However, if you like soft breasts and want to try a variety of sexual positions, buy a TPE love doll.

All in all, each material has its worshipers and it is not really possible to objectively determine whether one or the other is better. Just make a choice according to your budget and preferences. Whatever material you choose, make sure you buy the sex doll from well-known and reliable vendors. Before addressing any sex doll brand, try to understand its reputation and guarantee policies.

Once you know what sex dolls you are looking for, ask the vendor/supplier for additional questions immediately. They will be more than happy to help you with your choice of a sex doll! 

How Much Does a Realistic Sex Doll Cost?

Realistic sex dolls become more and more popular. High-end sex dolls not only look real, but also feel real. Of course, more realism, more details are needed, which means a higher price. The average price of these realistic sex dolls ranges from $500 to $6,000, depending on several factors we’ll discuss below.


For most sex doll players, one of the biggest factors to consider is material. The average sex dolls are made of a variety of materials, including rubber, plastic, vinyl and so on, but for realistic sex dolls, there are commonly only two materials, either TPE or Silicone.

TPE has properties such as flexibility, molding ability, soft texture, which makes TPE one of the best options to make realistic sex dolls. TPE sex doll skin is softer, which many people like, and it reacts better to stretching. However, TPE sex doll is not resistant to heat or stains, so you need to maintain it often.

Generally, silicone sex dolls are more expensive than TPE dolls on the market. Silicone sex doll has a better real-life appearance in look. Even better, Silicone sex doll requires less maintenance and resists very high heat.

In conclusion, each material is great and has its own characteristics, so it largely depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a realistic sex doll that is highly resistant to heat and stains, then silicone will be best. If your budget is limited but still want a great product, then buy a TPE sex doll. 

Premade or Custom

Sex dolls are either premade or customized. Generally speaking, customized sex dolls are much more expensive than premade dolls.

You can find various types of premade sex dolls when you browse sex doll websites. These dolls are modeled day after day by the manufacturer and no extra work needs to be done. You can buy these premade sex dolls at a much lower price than a custom doll. Sex doll manufacturers are always making new models to keep their customers happy, so the chances are good that you’ll find a premade sex doll that is already perfect for you.

If you prefer a specific type of doll, such as one that looks like the person you love, or if you want a particular body type, hair color and other features, then you choose a custom doll. All kinds of details can be customized, such as skin color, nails, hairstyle, makeup, etc., including private parts. Customized sex dolls can better meet the special needs of different customers. More additional efforts are required to create custom dolls and that’s why they are more expensive!


Size is another major factor affecting the price of dolls. The larger size needs more materials, and the price will be higher. A life size realistic doll is usually as tall as a real person and you just choose according to your own preferences. If you want to save some money and space, you can choose a smaller sex doll like mini sex dolls. If your budget is really low, you can get ones that are just smaller in stature, like around 65cm to 80cm. Or choose a full-sized torso to use as you please, and it costs about $300.

Finally, we do hope this blog really helps you to understand the unique sex doll market and aid you in purchasing the best sex doll for your needs.

Sex Doll Custom Option FAQs

People are demanding more and more from sex dolls. They hope for increasingly realistic dolls that are capable of broader needs. It is the emergence and continual improvement of customization options that allows us to answer those demands. Imagine choosing your favorite configuration for each and every part of your sex doll. How perfect and wildly exhilarating would that be ! The awesome thing is, now you can. Below covers a wide variety of customization options, but note, these options may vary by brand. So, when you decide to buy, check out the specific options for each of the products to learn more.

Sex Doll Breast Options – Solid, Hollow, or Gel?

Are you a boob guy? If yes, Sex Doll Breast is a must option that you are encouraged to think on it for a bit. In this blog, we will give you more information about sex doll breast options. Hope this will help you make an informed decision on which type of breast you want for your sex doll.

Here are three major breast type options you can always choose: solid, hollow, and gel breasts. Now, let’s learn more about these breast options.

Solid Breasts

Solid breasts also called standard breasts. They are filled with premium TPE or Silicone material. These breasts are firm and perky, and still have the decent softness and bounce that you can expect from good TPE and silicone material. If you’re not too picky, you don’t need to upgrade them and solid breast option will be realistic enough.

Note: If you want to have a silicone made breasts, you have to opt for a silicone doll body.

01 Solid Breast.jpg__PID:fff11772-e981-44b9-8cc6-3489acfe22c8

Hollow Breasts

Hollow breasts are air-filled boobs, not a TPE or gel. They are more realistic and extremely squishy. It is an amazing feeling to grab these breasts and watch them bounce back relentlessly. No added cost to upgrade. It is good choice if you really like a pair of super-soft, light bouncy breasts. If you want a chubby sex doll with huge breasts, you can choose hollow breasts to decrease the weight. But if you’re overly obsessed with heavier breasts, this might not be the right choice for you.

The hollow breasts are easy to be damaged and they will sag if they break.

02 Hollow Breast.jpg__PID:f11772e9-8164-498c-8634-89acfe22c8b4

Gel Breasts

Gel breasts are the best option for realistic sex doll breasts. They are soft like hollow breasts, firm and perky like solid breasts. The gel is also used in real women and most closely mimics the feel and movement of real boobs. They are soft and would not sag easily. Gel breasts are a worthwhile upgrade if you like the most lifelike sex doll breasts.

Note: Only some brands have the gel-filled breast option.

03 Gel Breast.jpg__PID:1772e981-64b9-4cc6-b489-acfe22c8b469

Restrictions When Choosing Sex Doll Breast Options

When selecting sex doll breast options, there are some certain generic limitations that you need to know.

1. For both A and B cup sizes, you can only choose solid breast type. No hollow or gel option for A and B cup breasts.

2. The hollow breast option can only be chosen for breasts above the H cup size.

3. Gel-filled breasts are available for C-E cup.

If you have any questions about sex doll breast options, welcome to comment below.

What is The Difference Between Standard Skeleton And Upgraded (EVO) Skeleton?

In the process of purchasing sex dolls, some new doll players may be confused about the choice of standard EVO skeletons and EVO skeletons. So what’s the difference between the standard skeletons and EVO skeletons? In this blog, we will give you a detailed explanation here.

Standard Skeleton

1. Standard skeleton doesn’t allow your doll to shrug its shoulders.
2. Most standard skeletons can only bend forwards and backwards.
3. The elbows and knees can be bent slightly, about 90 degrees.


EVO Skeleton

1. Upgraded (EVO) skeleton can make your doll shrug its shoulders. More realistic and can assume different poses more freely.
2. The spine is more flexible and can lean left and right, which helps in creating the hot intimate times desired by doll lovers worldwide.
3. Legs can be bent into W position or downwards to touch buttocks.


Compared to the standard skeleton, EVO is a more advanced skeleton, which is super flexible and allows for more natural, human-like posing for both modeling/photography and sexual positions. Upgraded (EVO) Skeleton from some brands( like WM, Piper) are becoming even more evolved with double-jointed arms and legs so that they can squat, stretch and kneel like real human.

Normally, you need to pay extra to upgrade the skeleton of your doll. So if you do not have more requirements for joints flexibility, just simple postures, the standard skeleton will meet your needs. If you’re always looking for more flexibility in your dolls, EVO skeleton is your best choice.

What is the Difference Between Built-in And Removable Vaginas?

There are two options for the vagina: An "all-in-one (built-in)" option and a "detachable" option.

The one-piece all-in-one vagina is integrated into the doll's body. This means that it is permanently attached and cannot be removed. The upside to this style is that it makes the area more realistic in appearance. On the contrary, the removable vagina can be inserted and removed from the doll's vaginal cavity. This makes it is easy to take out and clean after use and can be replaced if it is damaged.

Fixed (built-in) Vagina

The Pros:

1. Looks more real.
2. The interior feels more real (there are chambers inside !)
3. You can control the tightness of the vagina by opening up the legs.
4. You can bathe with your doll and help her clean her private areas.

The Cons:

1. A tall and heavy doll is difficult to move and clean.
2. If you consider reselling in the future then it is not attractive to buyers.
3. Once the vagina is damaged, it is difficult to replace.

01 Fixed Vagina.jpg__PID:e501c0cf-6828-480d-9f23-8c9e6b1784de

The Removable Vagina

The Pros:

1. More hygienic and can be replaced regularly.
2. It is very easy to clean after taking out.
3. After washing, you can connect to a second masturbator without waiting for it to dry. You can choose the vagina that suits your penis size. There are options to install different types of vaginas.

The Cons:

1. Removing the vagina is quite difficult (you will need to get used to swapping them out).
2. More lubricant is required during insertion, they are tighter than fixed vaginas.
3. There may be structural gaps caused by not fitting tightly into the doll's body.
4. The vagina may feel like it moves during sex.

02 Removable Vagina.jpg__PID:01c0cf68-2888-4d5f-a38c-9e6b1784de3b

At the end of the day, it is your preferences that matters. As for cleaning, after you become familiar with your doll's body, and after some practice, there is not much difference between the two.

Standing Feet Option for Sex Dolls

When buying a sex doll for the first time, you may notice the standing feet option and wonder what it is, how to use it properly, or whether you should buy it. Here’s all the information you need to know about standing feet option, hoping to help you make an informed purchase decision.

What is the standing feet option?

Due to the softness of TPE material, the doll with regular feet cannot stand up. Otherwise, the skeleton inside the footboard may directly break the soles of the doll’s feet.

The standing feet option is that the feet are equipped with three metal bolt heads as an extension of the skeleton to support the doll’s standing. The doll with the standing feet option can keep standing for a long time for photography, intimacy or storage. However, we don’t recommend that you leave your doll free-standing whilst unsupervised, as he/she could fall and be damaged.

02 standing.jpg__PID:0e525c28-2a72-4eda-9243-dd7f71caae86

How to Use Standing Function Correctly

Sex dolls are not real people who have a cerebellum to maintain body balance. The three metal bolt heads at the bottom just play a supporting role, which is not particularly stable. So you need to find a wall or something else that the doll can rely on to keep the doll standing. This operation may take some time and you need to constantly adjust the posture to find the best balance.

It is better for the doll to stand barefoot on the ground and put a soft cloth on the sole of the foot. When wearing shoes for the doll, wear a few more socks or use a hard insole to prevent the shoes from being damaged. You can also put leather insoles on the feet of the doll first, and then put on stockings.

Should you buy the standing feet option?

For those with a foot fetish or a preference for the perfect figure, the three screws on the bottom will undoubtedly destroy the integrity of the feet. If it happens that you don’t need the doll to stand for a long time, non-standing feet option (regular feet) is the best choice.

If you hope to store the doll upright in the house, have sex whilst standing, or use the doll as a model, please choose the standing feet option.

1. The standing feet are the same as the regular feet(non-standing feet), but the ankles have been redesigned and the soles of the feet have been reinforced so that all dolls with the standing feet option can stand on their own.
2. The standing feet are rigid. They can be rotated downwards by 150°, but not upwards or side to side.
3. Only flat shoes are recommended for standing. The high heel shoes can be put on the feet, but high heels cannot be worn when the doll is standing.
4. The standing feet option is available for dolls over 100cm.

How to Have Sex With Your Doll?

All of our sex dolls are made of TPE and Silicone materials, which can bring you hyper-realistic sex experience. The flexible metal skeleton makes it easier for her to do many sexual poses as you want.

Once the sex doll is ready, you can have sex with her. Choose a condom for your big cock, and apply the right amount of lubricant, and then choose your favorite way to have sex with your doll.

What are the most popular ways to have sex with your doll?

1. Vaginal Sex
This is one of the most common ways people enjoy sex with love dolls. Every female sex doll has a fully functional vagina. Just like making sex with a real woman, you can position the sex doll the way you like, then you penetrate the doll and continue as you normally would. The sensation of the penis rubbing back and forth in the vagina is absolutely amazing! For many of our dolls, you can even choose between a removable or fixed vagina. We have listed the depth of each doll vaginal opening on our website and you can select a doll that can accommodate your size.

2. Anal Sex
Anal sex is a healthy and very pleasant way of sex. There are many people who dream about anal sex. But it is difficult to find a partner willing to try, let alone enjoy the process with you. The good news is that our male and female sex dolls can realize your dream of anal sex. TPE and Silicone material with ultra-fine detail design offer you a realistic, super tight, and intense experience. And that is guaranteed to blow your mind.

3. Oral Sex
The blowjob of sex dolls is different from that of real people. Both have advantages and disadvantages. For sex dolls, you’ll never have to worry about whether she has a vomiting reflex, making her neck stiff, or how she’ll react when you finish. Important


1. We would recommend that you use lubricants to make your sexual experience easy and enjoyable. Always choose a water-based lubricant. Oil – or silicon-based lubricants can damage your sex dolls and cause stains.

2. Don’t apply too much lubricant to get your sex dolls sticky and messy quickly.

3. Some people prefer to take a dryer approach. For this purpose, they often use powder. This reduces friction, but produces a very different sexual After having sex with your doll, please don’t forget to clean your sex doll. If you don’t use a condom and have cum inside of your doll, be sure to clean her anal, vaginal, and mouth openings after each use.

How to Clean Your Sex Doll?

Cleaning your doll is obviously important. During routine maintenance, you should make sure that your doll stays fresh and clean. In this case, hygiene should be balanced by ensuring the longest possible lifespan. The advice we provide to our customers suggests cleaning the doll every 2-4 weeks. While it may seem like the doll should be cleaned after every use, this may actually slowly degrade the material, causing skin tears and other problems.

Cleaning the Doll Body

Cleaning the body of a sex doll is very simple. Depending on how often you use your doll, we recommend cleaning every 14 days to avoid bacteria buildup on the doll and to help prolong the doll’s skin. You make everything ready as follows.

 · Antibacterial soap
 · Water
 · Talcum powder (baby powder)
 · Light sponge
 · Absorbent towel

The process is very similar to cleaning yourself. You can choose to give your doll a bath or submerge your doll in the bathtub. If you are going to put your doll in the shower, be sure not to let the neck or head get too wet (this helps avoid further complications such as rusty neck screws).

Simply wash the doll lightly and thoroughly with antibacterial soap using a lightweight sponge, making sure not to apply too much pressure to protect the skin.

Clean the doll holes (vagina, anus, and mouth)

There are many ways to clean a doll’s vagina, anus, and mouth. You can do this in the tub, shower, or while the doll is lying down and not submerged in water.

You should take the doll out of the tub or shower and lay her on her side, which will expose the vagina and anus.Then follow these steps:

1. Grab a small piece of sponge with medical forceps and apply warm water and antibacterial soap to the sponge, making sure to apply thoroughly.
2. Push the sponge into the vagina or anus and use forceps to move it around the orifice until it is completely clean.
3. Remove the sponge, rinse with lukewarm water, and repeat steps 1 and 2 again. At this step, the vagina and anus should be clean and free of any bacteria.
4. Using the forceps again, grab a second dry cotton swab sponge, insert it into the vagina and anus, remove most of the water, and take it out.
5. Wrap a strong paper towel around the end of the pliers, then place them inside the doll again, and finally dry.
6. After the doll dries, apply talcum powder to the outside of the vagina and anus.
7. Your doll should now be clean inside and out. The doll’s mouth can also be done as above and should be easier to clean.

Clean doll face

Remove the head from the body and remove the wig from the head. Yes, we only need to operate on an individual doll head.

1. Gently wipe your face with a warm sponge with antibacterial soap. Pay special attention to your eyes and lashes so you don’t get them wet.
2. Then use a dry towel to absorb the moisture of the face, then let it sit for an hour to dry naturally.
3. It is very important not to immerse the head of the doll in water at any time. Otherwise, water may get in your doll’s head!

Cleaning Doll Wig

Cleaning a wig is very easy. You should do as follows:

 · Mild Shampoo
 · Mild Conditioner
 · Comb

Remove the doll’s wig and wash it thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner. After thoroughly cleaning the wig, allow it to dry naturally. You may want to buy a wig stand to make things easier and speed up the process.

Once the wig is dry, lightly comb through the hair.

How to Dress Up Your Sex Doll

Many sex doll owners like to buy fashionable clothes for their love dolls. They like to treat their sex dolls like a real woman by spoiling them with a closet full of beautiful designer clothes. You may want to dress your doll in a beautiful Chinese cheongsam to show off her curvy figure, or perhaps you are more partial to a different style of bikini that is hot and sexy.

No matter how realistic your sex doll looks, she still has a body like a mannequin. Until you learn to dress a life-size adult doll, you may need to rough up your sex doll in order to push, pull and dress her. The more you practice dressing and undressing your sex doll, the better you will know how to undress and change your doll efficiently.

1. Before you try to dress your love doll, brush your sex doll’s skin with powder to prevent stickiness.
2. Be aware of any sharp edges on clothing or accessories as they can easily scratch or cut the simulated skin of your sex doll.
3. Make sure to wash all clothes before putting them on the doll. New, unwashed clothes contain dyes that will stain your doll. Make sure to wash the doll’s clothes several times to remove any dye from the fabric. Note: Some clothes can still stain your doll after washing. It is best to perform a short test on a TPE sample.
4. Avoid wearing dark clothes dark clothes will stain your doll even after washing. It is best to avoid dark clothing altogether, but if necessary, limit the time of wearing or wearing a light-colored undershirt for the doll. Try testing the garment on a piece of TPE or part of a doll, such as the top of the head, to see if it has stains.
5 Avoid wearing tights Avoid wearing tight clothing. Dress your sex doll in clothing that is appropriate for her body type. Squeezing her into tight clothing can leave dents and/or scratches on your doll. If necessary, remove the head of your sex doll before dressing and limit the wearing time.

Makeup for a sex doll

All high-quality sex dolls come with professional makeup that beautifully defines and enhances their stunning, ultra-realistic facial features. If you want to further beautify your sex doll or create a completely different look by using cosmetics, we recommend choosing mineral-based products that allow you to gradually build color and definition. Conventional cosmetic brands with high pigment content may stain the TPE or silicone skin of your sex doll, causing deep smudging.

To remove makeup from your doll’s face, use a makeup remover and a soft, fiber-free cloth to gently wipe. You can also use a TPE-safe foam cleaner to wash it off.

Avoid vigorous rubbing as this may cause the face makeup to come off as well! If you accidentally remove the factory makeup from your sex doll’s face, you can purchase some of the beauty products women use to reapply. You can also purchase replacement heads for your synthetic love dolls.

To improve the experience of sex doll owners, some manufacturers are now exploring the use of permanent ink for aesthetic definition details, which means that the doll’s face and body makeup are permanent and cannot be easily erased. This invention is currently on the market and is already being used on some silicone dolls.

If you want your sex doll to wear fashionable earrings and other jewelry accessories, you can do DIY piercings. Using a thin thread or needle, carefully pierce the doll’s skin. Do not use the tip of a knife or any other sharp tool. Once the earrings are in place, be extra careful when handling your sex doll so that they don’t pull and cause the ears to break. You can also pierce the belly button and nipples of your sex doll.

Sex Doll Caring

The longest confession of affection can be achieved if you take well care of your doll. A Rosemary Doll doll accompany you from 2 to 10 years depending on your usage and care. There are so many things that you can do to preserve and maintain your sex doll. So what is the best way to care your sex doll?

Body & Skin Care

1. Protect your doll away from damage by storing your doll in a cool and dark place. The sunlight may fade her skin and facial features unevenly.
2. Don’t leave your doll in extreme temperatures, and that may deform your sex doll over time. Don’t worry about normal fluctuations, but avoid use below freezing and extreme heat.
3. Keep your doll in a sitting position, or lying on her back.
4. Don’t wear any tight clothing, as this may leave permanent marks or indentations on your sex doll.
5. Avoid wearing dark color fabrics for a long period of time, which can stain your sex doll skin.
6. Put your sex doll on a soft surface, or hang it in the air. In order to prevent permanent indentation caused by something pressed into the doll skin.

Hair Care

We provide each doll with high-quality synthetic wigs. It can be removed for styling, cleaning, or full replacement with any commercial wig. It is best to use a metal brush or comb when brushing long hair, starting small sections close to the hair tips. Gently comb through, being careful of any knots.

Keeping your sex doll clean and well maintained is the key to preserving the longevity of your ultra-realistic sex doll. Just follow the tips above to maintain the quality and life of your sex doll.

If you still have any questions about the cleaning or caring for your sex doll, please feel free to contact us at support@rosemarydoll.com. We are happy to answer any of your questions and help with any queries you may have.

How to Hide Your Sex Doll

Most sex doll owners don’t want anyone to know that there is a sex doll hidden in their rooms. Because our society tends to turn what they don’t know into a taboo, and unfortunately, sex dolls are one of them. These preconceptions don’t mean sex dolls are wrong or even weird for that matter, people are just not used to them and don’t know how to react. In this blog, we will teach you how to hide your sex doll from the public eye within the home.

Under the Bed

The most common area for sex dolls hiding is under the bed. It is a private place, and rarely people would look up things under the bed as they would in the closets. You can store your doll in an appropriate box or suitcase by wrapping her up in the cotton muslin bags. Of course, you can place other cases or items under your bed to confuse those who are looking under your bed.


Sex Doll Flight Case

The flight case is the best storage option for your sex doll. After all, the manufacturers are the ones who know how to store sex dolls without causing any harm or defects. It can protect your sex doll from dust, excess light, high humidity, and other things that might contaminate it. Just slide in your sex doll into the flight case, and store away appropriately.


In Your Closet

With sex doll hanging racks, you can hang your doll in a suspended upright posture with no contact on any surface. This needs a hidden space, such as your closet. You can put a lock on the door to the closet and nobody will ever know what’s in it!

Be sure that your closet rod can handle the weight of the doll. Most full-size dolls, without the head, still weigh in excess of 25-51kg. Keep in mind that the head must be removed to suspend the body.